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So mad! May 3, 2012

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I heard today that my younger brother who cannot read or write and who depends on my family for near enough everything, is getting his disability allowance taken from him at the end of the month!

He was to be scored and get over 15 yet they scored him 0 after asking him basic questions like If you had £1 and spent 75p how much would you have left?
David could not answer this, he is 23 years old.

Let’s face it who would hire him for a job? I love him to pieces but I also know he has know patience or concentration skills, he spends alot of his time in his own world or playing his Xbox – that is the one thing that truly he loves and is good at.

And of course the money he does receive every month goes towards games for the Xbox or DVDs he has no interest in clothes or trainers or going to the pub he just wants to watch tv, play Xbox or go to the cinema.

If you read this then you may think well surely if that’s all he does his parents can support him? Yes they can and they do but why should they not receive any help, it’s not like he was getting thousands every month an illness as a baby ruined his chance at having what we would consider a normal life, but he knows no different! There are drug addicts and people abusing the system every day who receive payments but now because they say at 23 David should have a job and they won’t continue to pay his allowance my parents should just accept it?

No, it’s messed up and just completely unacceptable those people who made this decision should spend a day with David and see exactly how he lives!

I won’t apologise for this rant as I am so angry.

The fact is, David won’t be the only one who gets his allowance stopped this year and something needs to be done about it.


Family January 21, 2012

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My family arrive in Australia next month and I am soooooooooooooo excited it strangely nervous to see them!!

I won’t have seen them for over 2 years and they meet my fiancé for the first time!!!

They will love him

So excited to show them Sydney and make sure they have an amazing holiday…. Then it’s our wedding day on the 10th March 😀

All gone in so fast yet 2 years has dragged in when I can’t see the people I love

I can’t wait xxxx


Fed Up October 29, 2011

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So fed up right now 😦

My life right now consists of working and worrying about work, so much to do and not enough time to do it ..

I’m constantly tired and emotional saving every penny for the wedding and we are still behind on what we should have saved, on top of that debt with trying to fix boats and engines and cars and carpets that get flooded nothing is going right 😦

I have no life and really can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel just feel totally and utterly depressed and questioning why Paul would even want to be with me ..

Life is very lonely right now and no matter how many “offers” of speaking in skype with friends and family it very rarely happens I just feel alone



I am Blessed … June 24, 2011

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For some reason today is the day i realised i am truly blessed ..

I have been sulking about for the last few weeks feeling sorry for myself, depressed, lonely i have been extremely grumpy and snapping at things i would normally laugh at.

I have felt my old life in Scotland had faded away to a memory and that maybe i was still trying to live that life and be a part of everyone’s life through facebook, twitter etc ..

Truth is i have stopped myself truly moving on and i don’t know why?! I get jealous hearing about friends going out, having nights out drinking and gossiping going to the cinema, just being in my comfort zone.

Yes i have met a fantastic guy over here and he treats me like a princess but still deep down i longed to be home in my own surroundings not having to bother to try meet new people as i was happy with the ones i already knew.

And today sat at home alone i really thought about my life, had a cry (i’m good at that) and realised i am pathetic!!!! truly and utterly pathetic

I am thousands of miles away in Australia, i was given an amazing opportunity and had i not taken it i would never of met Paul, i would never have met his amazing family, who after one meeting welcomed me with open arms into there family and who would do anything for me, i have gained a future sister and brother in law and 2 gorgeous nephews and a beautiful neice.

I have chosen to sit around depressed and moping around the place like a sad old bint but today for some reason the dark cloud above me has lifted and i see how wrong i have been, i am lucky, truly lucky to be alive and have people who love me. To see my mum smile on skype when i logged on and how excited she is about coming to Australia makes me happy

I have said it many times before but life is too short to be acting like i was i have learnt that the hard way at times but i want to be here, i want to live my life and i want to have fun

I know that my blog doesn’t get read, but sometimes it’s good just to type away and not have a care in the world

even all my errors with grammar etc make me smile 🙂


The will of God .. March 17, 2011

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‘The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.’


Life goes on … July 3, 2010

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It’s nearly two years since TITP where Derek sadly passed away, it still feels like yesterday and the memories will never ever leave me but back then i thought i wouldn’t get over what happened and think about it constantly …

Just recently as i heard about friends back home getting ready for this year’s TITP and when Stereophonics former drummer Stuart Cable passed away i realised i hadn’t thought about Derek in a while, i immediately felt terrible and was so annoyed at myself that i had forgot him, being over here in Australia i don’t really have anyone that i can sit down and have a chat with about stuff like this and the time difference back home just makes it slightly awkward, any way after many tears and a good talking to myself i began to realise that it’s ok that i don’t think about him every single day and that certain things in life will always make me remember Derek sometimes it will be the sadness of a death like with Stuart Cable ( at Derek’d funeral Last of the big time drinkers was played) that song reminds me of one of the first times i saw the Stereophonics live and how amazing Stuart was and in turn it reminds me of the fun we had with Derek and how he enjoyed live music and having a good laugh.

These are also the times i will remember and i think he would want us to have moved on and be happy to have the memories of him

Derek i may not think about you every single day now but i promise you that i will never ever forget you

hope you are rocking out and having a good old bevy session up there big guy

sleep tight xx


Twitter April 8, 2010

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Once again i find myself sat here thinking about twitter *sigh* I think i’m kinda over it :-/

Now before i start this rant let me make it very clear i have had the pleasure of getting to meet some fantastic people through twitter and i imagine i will be friends with them for a very long time no need to name them as they all know who they are, well i would hope they do..

So here i go AGAIN

It is like being back at school over the last 5-6 months on twitter, seriously the bitching and nastyness is absolutely unbelievable there are people who say they believe in freedom of speech for themself and everyone else yet when you stick up for someone and believe you are doing the right thing you get abuse and have huge rants aimed at you, there are others who openly flirt with everyone around them but get pissed off when they feel left out and again more abuse follows – I flirt, my mother tells me i flirt too much, its just the kind of person i am i genuinely don’t do it to hurt anyone and if it has in the past then i apologise for it but i would also expect to be told it was hurting someone than to be oblivious to it..

I’m not perfect, in fact very far from it, i have many flaws a huge one being i’m not great at accepting compliments.. my whole family would vouch for this but slowly im learning to bite my tongue and just say thanks i also get that by doing this,  it comes accross like i am actually looking for attention – yet if you really know me you would know nothing could be further from the truth.  I am also clearly too trusting especially on twitter!  someone said to me today that they trust no one until they have met them i’d like to say i could do that but i doubt it will happen i tend to believe the best in people and offer friendship support and advice where needed, sadly in recent months not only myself but hundreds of other people have been fooled into believing stories, giving money, spending time listening to problems and sharing personal information you wouldn’t normally dare too, to  people we “believe” are real and our online friends on twitter.

Is it just me? am i that gullible?

I’d just like to say to these people GET A FUCKING LIFE! how sad to sit at a computer making up different accounts, pretending they are your family/friends yet all the time typing it yourself, wether you are male\female or most likely FREAK get yourself to the doctor because you seriously have major issues and need a spell in a psychiatric hospital.

and as for you Lisa Seaton if  that was your real name, i know you do exist as people have met you, you should be absolutely ashamed at the way you behaved i feel sorry for you as clearly you have mental health issues going on. to say you have cancer when it is untrue is disgusting like many people i have seen what cancer can do to family and friends and i wouldn’t wish it on anyone, i doubt even reading something like this would affect  you?? You no doubt don’t give a shit at the people you upset even going to the extremes of saying your boyfriend had been killed in a car crash ALL LIES what kind of person are you? get help and sort yourself out ..

yet even after going over all this i still think of all the great people i speak to and love hearing from, but do i need Twitter to do that? NO is the answer

I am now in my 4th Month over here in Australia and i can honestly say not a day has passed where i haven’t been online even if it was just for a few minutes, mainly because i’m a nosey cow (another flaw) and wanted to see what you were all up to back in the UK, also because i couldn’t settle (gee i wonder why) but i am slowly realising that right now Twitter is not what i need in my life i have Facebook!! haha no in all seriousness the time has come (at least for now) for my account to be closed…

No more i’l be back in a week or just having time out CLOSED DOWN

I’m sad to do it but also excited at the prospect of not checking my phone every two minutes!! hey if @snedwan can do it so can I : )

i will post this to my page and let the people who want to read it, do so give it a day and then i will delete

I’m not doing this for a big farewell or please don’t go messages i just don’t enjoy it anymore! maybe in a few months i will miss it and rejoin…. who knows but for now it’s cheerio

obviously i have facebook

also yak on iphone karen230683, name Karen Duffy

so if you want to keep in touch please do, if not then i wish you all the best, take care lovelies it’s been one hell of a year on twitter xxxxx